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Lustrous Pearl Sparkle Ring

Lustrous Pearl Sparkle Ring

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This pure silver pearl ring is part of the "Shattered Silver Series," characterized by its scattered silver granules that shimmer brilliantly, much like fragments of starlight. The luminous natural freshwater pearl, sized at about 5.3mm, is nestled amidst this sparkling backdrop, adding an elegant glow that enhances the ring's overall charm.

The ring's open design allows for some adjustability, making it a comfortable fit for a size US 6. It embodies a perfect balance of rustic texture with the granulated silver and the smooth, refined luster of the pearl, available in both a rich antique gold and a sleek white gold finish.

Material: 925 Silver with 18K Gold Plated /Natural Freshwater Pearl

Color:  Yellow / White

Size: Ring opening approximately size US 6, pearl approximately 5.3mm.

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