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Eternal Confidence Agate Ring

Eternal Confidence Agate Ring

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Introducing the "Eternal Confidence Agate Ring" - a captivating piece that combines the timeless charm of Roman classical totem elements with the warm allure of agate. Experience the mesmerizing blend of the coolness of metal and the touch of warmth, as it effortlessly transforms into a symbol of unwavering confidence at your fingertips. This exquisite ring is crafted to accentuate your unique style and empower you with an aura of self-assurance. Embrace the striking beauty and embrace your eternal confidence with this remarkable piece of jewelry.

Material: Red Agate/925 Silver with 18K Gold Plated

Color: Vintage Gold

Size: Opening is approximately size US 6.5,  and the red agate width is approximately 3.5mm.

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