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Blue Breeze Aventurine Earrings

Blue Breeze Aventurine Earrings

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The Earrings present a harmonious blend of vintage charm and ethnic flair. The earrings feature a simple yet elegant fan-shaped design, which cradles the pale blue patterned Blue Aventurine, known for its soothing hues and intricate natural patterns.

The fan shape of the earrings, combined with the serene blue of the Blue Aventurine, evokes a sense of traditional elegance and cultural richness. These earrings can enhance any outfit, adding a splash of refined color and artistic design to the wearer's ensemble.

Material: S925 Silver with 18K Gold Plated / Blue Aventurine

Color: Antique Gold

Size: Height approximately 30mm, width approximately 20mm, Blue Aventurine approximately 20mm

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